Saturday, October 10, 2009

When Batman Doesn't Feel Like Goin' To Work

Well we all have that day where we just get up and don't feel like going to go work...*Monday Blues exceptions la*

Imagine you get a call from work when you're already off work or getting a call from colleague when it's in the weekend and you just don't want to be bothered with any work related things.

Well since it's already the weekends and i guessed some of us do get those annoying calls regarding work.


Well i guess we can take a few pointers from Batman... huh???


darkprincerox said...

lol ! , torchlights VS torchlights :D

Kennee said...

@darkprincerox: hahaha!!! yeah! but the other sign pwned the other to the max.

Arvin said...

Ahahaha...good idea

Kennee said...

@Arvin: The finger is always the best answer... XD

JoelRyanLee said...

LOLLLLL damn funny!! xD

and the lamp damn powerful wei :D

Kennee said...

@Joel: Batman is Bruce Wayne ma... so his lamp is the customized power lamp... really powwaaahhh one! XD