Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Poem Sonnet Haiku Whatver la...

I was making fun of my fellow colleague about his what he claimed to be his sonnet writing ability and was saying that..."Bugger, you think i can't write for nuts izzit?"

I was like... "Wow, i didn't know you can write?"

He did mentioned that yesterday after gotten another fellow colleague's invitation for his engagement party, he eventually wrote a what he claimed a 'haiku'.

I just checked the email just now and read it, it goes like this:

Congrats to both of U!!!

Lemme dedicate this Haiku to both of U for this joyous occasion.

As a New Sun Arises
I Stand Firm looking Past the Horizon
Embarking on A Voyage that would Take Us to the Distance
For Whatever the Future holds Uncertain
My Happiness in the Present stays Eternal

P.S. And yes I did wrote that myself !!!!

Then eventually i was like... Trollin' time Oh Yeah! And emailed him this:

Here’s a haiku for you…

As he glaze into the glaring stars
Bright as the sun yet empty like a glittering jar
Hoping to find a part that filled that void
But instead, being inflicted by innumerous scars

Well, now to see it, it's kinda depressing poem so to say...

1 Year Ago

Exactly 1 year ago, 2nd of August 2010 was the day that i got my acceptance letter to the job which i am currently working now, at Standard Chartered Bank. Kinda ironic to see the acceptance letter in my hand just now and was telling my fellow colleagues that it's been 1 year since we joined in.

Kinda ironic that it will soon be 1 year since i step into this office and soon by the end of this month, i shall be leaving. Well, not exactly end of the month, more like 26th of this month XD.

1 year of being in this office, you tend to know more than you should and also wish that you knew more since most big management tend to microspecify your work load and job scope.

Well, enough is enough and when opportunity comes knocking on your front door, it's foolish not to open.

And thus i am on my way out of here and will soon embark on a new field of work which may seem foreign to me but i am equally as much excited.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hi guys,

Well I didn't go to the rally yesterday not because I don't support BERSIH 2.0's movement but rather that i don't go to rallies and all that kinda stuff. Well, maybe for now la. I am all for the cause that they are fighting for but from my point of view this rally has their own hidden agenda so i choose to sit down at home, in front of my PC, with Facebook, Youtube and Twitter and also catching a live update from alternative news media.

I'm more of a BERSIH 2.0 person supporting from the comfort of my own home XD. Well, if you notice that my facebook page has been constantly updated on BERSIH 2.0's event and also stuff from my point of view.

My cause is slightly more simple, just get people to understand the importance of voting and practice your rights to vote. I am not asking anybody to vote for a specific party rather than just voice out your opinion and what you want from voting.

I believe that we as human race, as Malaysian who love their country should stand up for your own rights to freely express yourself without worrying that the authorities would barge into your house and arrest you for treason and all that shit.

Only thing that pisses me off is that when BERSIH 2.0 rally was being poorly handled by our ruling government. I mean seriously police are catching people with yellow shirts and harassing people? Come On. We are not cavemen but a civilized democratic country.

Human rights in Malaysia is somehow a joke and laughing stock to all developed countries and police are being used as tools by the ruling party at their expense to prevent anything that badmouth their administration.

You can say that I, myself as a citizen in this great country is getting sick and sicker from all the bullshit the current government is doing. Last election I did practice my rights to vote and I also encourage all of you guys to do the same.

Vote for a change. Vote for a better, cleaner and more sincere government. I honestly believe politics can never be clean but at least we as the Rakyat must not suffer but benefit from this country.

I am not a Pro-Opposition nor Anti-Government. I am just merely a simple Malaysian who is sick and tired of all the bullshit that has been goin' on. I just want a change. A change for a better Malaysia and for a cleaner and less corrupt country.

Hidup Rakyat! Demokrasi! HUMAN RIGHTS!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Super fuckin' 8


I felt violated...

It happened again!!!

It's Indiana Jones: Crystal Skull all over again...

Instead of this...

it's... this poor chap beggin' for their mercy...

YES! IT's JJ Abrams's turn to be the whore... Beg all you want, it's not goin to prevent it...

C'mon we all know this picture just

I just felt somehow that his asshole will come along...
coming with his 'dildosaber' and violate and literally fuck things up!!!

I fucking saw the credits roll with LUCASFILM being the company that handle the special effects for this movie!!!

Only thing was decent was the little zombie flick at the end...

Looks like all the looking forward to this movie went and flew out of the window...

PLEEEAAAASSSEEE!!! Enough with the Alien's Spaceships flying off at every end of the fuckin' movie already!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

X-men vs. Pirates

So summer is here... So where's the babes in bikinis??? Oh rite... I'm in the wrong continent... Oh sucks...

Oh well... so no bikini-clad chics galore here but what the heck, at least we still get the summer blockbusters here...

Let's cut to the chase shall we? Watched pirates 4, bla bla bla... Johnny Deep? Depp? Sparrow? Who gives a fuck...

Conclusion... First thing that cross was mind was this...

And the below comic strip courtesy of the internet can best sum up what i thought of the movie

Thank goodness i watched this last week...

And somehow restores my faith in hollywood movies once again...

I don't bother giving a rating and what not coz i'm no movie experts or trying to be one... Fuck that shit, i'm just being plain honest... Just to watch pirates and regret it later and just watch it for the sake of watching and enjoy first class coz although i was skeptical at first but after watching it, you kinda sense a feeling of satisfaction... just like after whacking a carl's jr combo meal burger... XD

Well later tomorrow, or should i say later tonite goin to watch JJ Abram's Super8... So looking forward to it later... Hehehe...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Langkawi Trip with SCB colleagues

Last week, some of us from SCB Collections and some ex-colleagues went to Langkawi for a short trip. We guys went there on Friday early morning till Sunday evening. YES! Friday as in Good Friday last week. Some might asked, "Did you guys all took leave?" Answer: NO! Coz Friday was a public holiday! Wait a minute... DOES NOT... YES IT IS!!! Coz we follow Singapore Holidays and Good Friday was a holiday for us! Muahahaha...

Before anyone can say 'PICS or GTFO...' I shall say... 'Too lazy to upload pics here so just go check it on FB's page...'

Oppss forget, if you are not mah friend... Sorry, can't see la...

Did i mentioned i did some spring cleaning on my facebook? XD Finally i cleaned out my "friends" list and i did realized back to the days where i still play those dumb games on FB, there was alot of random adds...

Alright it's Sunday afternoon and i feel like napping... Muahahaha

Heard Switchfoot is having a gig tonite, any takers?

Monday, April 18, 2011

First Post of the Year 2011

Harlow people!!! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Chinese New Year and Happy whatever festival that has passed by since i last posted anything at all in this place... i mean blog... i mean this forsaken hell-hole... i mean... yes yes! BLOG!

I feel bad for this blog and whoever reads it before. Good thing i am not like some famous blogger and I'm pretty damn sure that I am not missed at all... *sob sob*

Well... Cut to the crap... Do I feel guilty? obliged? bored? too free? coz can't sleep? I think those are parts of the reason I am writing a post here... I guess...

This has been pretty busy for me. Well... That's a fat lie... and yeah! I mean... FAT LIE... Honestly, I'm just being lazy to blog about anything. Reason being? Well, most of my rants are senseless, distasteful and plain vulgar and rude? I think you guys that reads it should be the judge.

Anyways a quick update on things and here's a fast one on things happened so far:-

1. It's 2011!!!
2. It's April now!!!
3. I got an Iphone!!!
4. I started tweeting!!!
5. Still working in the same company!!! Yes! Kerja as Along kutip hutang!!!
6. Started bloggin' this entry!!!

There you go... That's all... after months of not bloggin'... That's what happen so far in my life... Borin' right?

Well... Actually there's alot of stuff happened in between here and there la~ But heck, either you are on my Twitter or Facebook then at least you know what's goin' on la~

Oh well, if you guys wanna add me once facebook or twitter... Just click on the link beside the post... Hopefully no psychos out there though... XD

Oh ya... FYI!!! Streamyx still sucks like an old dirty whore with no teeth giving blowjob with a cane... YES!!! From the last post till now. I still loathe Streamyx and their fucked up service. Broadband my ass! Their commercial on radio is a joke! And yes! my feelings of hatred for you is still burning like hot flaming coal!!!

Streamyx!!! You can go FUCK OFF!!!
Piktur courtesy of the in-tah-net~