Thursday, July 30, 2009

Selena Gomez Vs. Demi Lovato

It's seems just like yesterday where Boy bands Backstreet Boyz and N'Sync was like the latest in thing. Well, we all know...that season has way gone. Then come all the Nu-metal bands like Linkin Park and Deftones. Thank goodness, those band still manage to survive but only those loyal followers will still go "Heineken Arrrrgghhhh" over them.

Then, NOW... as we all know, there's this excessive hype over teen-hardly-reach-puberty singers. All started with our very own Ms.Goody-2-shoes Britney and then later move on with Christina Aguilera. Den later on Disney catches the hype and capitalized on that.

Then Mickey Mouse gave us Lizzie McGuire~ and hence, the whole Hilary Duff craze was there. But we all know she's now all grown up and horny already. Then before you know it, *Poof* Mickey Mouse gave us High School Musical. And all the gurly gurls are going nuts of Zac Efron and all the boyz went googling for Vanessa Hudgen's "wholesome" pics. XD

Then Jonah Bros came along. But then, what about the female products of Disney? Yeah, then we have Hannah Montana!!! Arrghhh!!! Miley Cyrus craze was like super ridiculous. But for Miley, damn those cash just keep rolling in. Okay after Miley then what? What's the latest female ass on the line next? Don't fret, cause their latest addition to the latest teen-ass-craze is

Yeaps... It's Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato!

Well, yeah... She's cute but compare to our next contender...

Ms. Demi Lavato... which we all know from 'Camp Rock'... I think she's way way more awesome compared to that latina-wanna-be-err-soon-to-be-slut...

Coz from my honest opinion, Demi might be able to polish up herself to be the next Kelly Clarkson but for Selena??? Just another Hilary Duff/Vanessa Hudgens fling... They will just come and go...

Don't agree with me? Just compare their latest single from them two... You be the judge...

Selena Gomez - Tell Me Something

Demi Lovato - Here We Go Again

My vote??? Demi Lovato 1 Selena Gomez 0

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Walk-In Fridge!!!

If you guys haven't watch the Heineken's commercial by now. You should be ashamed of yourself. Seriously the commercial is funny as hell! Okay, for the sake of those poor buggers that haven't got a slightest idea of what the commercial was all about... Here's the commercial

*This author must be a retard, didn't he just post the same video on his previous post?*

I AM FULLY AWARE okay!!! It's just that i love this commercial too much... XD
And guessed what? Bavaria decided to spoof that commercial as well. Here it goes...

Well, thinking that Bavaria would do that might come as cheap but it's kinda funny as well *gotta admit it though*. But, what the heck! It's funny la. Although it might not be original.

But then, Heineken decided to do a follow up of the very much successful and viral video. Here's the follow up.

Never thought of that didn't you? I love the contractor's acting. Damn cool.

Okay, so what if you guys really wanted to have a "Walk-in Fridge" just like the one you saw in the first commercial? Well!? Built one that looks like it la of course. But we all know, doing the real thing won't be a simple feat. But hell yeah! Ask these guys that question.

Crazy ass Europeans... XD

Souvenirs From Chiang Mai

One of my buddy Edwin just got back from Chiang Mai yesterday for his company's trip. *Wow, lucky bastard!* And he got me 2 souvenirs.

Well the first one was a key chain with an elephant engraving on it. It's just something about Thais and their mythical bond with the elephant creature, i can't seem to quite understand. But they do really love those creatures.

Here's the keychain


But that wasn't the highlight of the night. After that he took out a small packet and toss it to me. Upon seeing the pack, i was like *Arrrghhhhhhhhhhh wahahhahah arrrrghhhhhh*

Kinda like almost the same reaction i got from this few chaps below...

But nah! It wasn't a Heineken la... It's something far more better...




*Arrrghhhhhhhhhhh wahahhahah arrrrghhhhhh*

*The author is so overwhelmed till fainted for seeing his beloved Marlboro's Soft Pack without pictures of dead alien babies, severed foot, hands, mouths and lungs... He thought he would never ever see another pack of Marlboro with all it's true and natural beauty*

I'm driving a SLK

To actually say that you drive a SLK, is nothing compared to this chap who publicly and proudly announce the car model that he drives to everyone else.



Err...Well, SLK as in Small Little Kancil la...

Please Don't Pull

Apparently, living in Malaysia nowadays can't be that safe anymore. Even mannequins are not spared from being molested.


Like one of my friend who used to say...

Apalah dunia???

Probably she would say this now...

What in the world??? *In Aussie slang* ;p

Sexy Losers... Are you one?

Ever come across the word *fap*??? It's basically a term or a sound effect which represent the actual sound of masturbation, in case you haven't know. It was the creator of the comic strip "Sexy Losers" that popularize the now common term of "fap" or "fapping". Even some smileys with a drooling face has a shortcut of *fap* nowadays. All thanks to Mr.Clay, which is a Canadian living in Japan.

Well this comic strip do contain a huge amount of satire of human sexual foibles, themes generally alien to light comic fare, namely sex, fetishism, and sexual relationships.

Below is one of the latest entry and recently the author decided to revive the site. Good news for me... lulz



So if you like weird, sick, crazy ass comic strips... do check out

WAH 666!!!


WAH 666!!! Picture says it all... lulz~~~

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why use air refresher for ya toilet when you can use this???

This was an old pic I've taken from a local restaurant in Cheras area. Upon visiting it's bathroom, and as soon i was to search to take my piss, i saw this...


I kinda hesitate to take a leak into that, it feels wrong. Don't think i can ever piss on something that i used to bath. Man!!! I then resorted to take a leak in the toilet instead and not that urinal bowl.


Come'on!!! Seriously!!! Who does that shit to such a nice piece of body soap??? How cruel!? I can never look at a bar of soap like how i used to anymore...

And So Jesus Ascended Into The Heavens

Gotta say i love Cyanide & Happiness Comic Strips. Especially if it pokes fun on something weird, sarcastically and yet at times gory. But what i love most is, anything gotta do poking fun at Christianity. XD Some harmless jokes,i think Jesus wouldn't mind. Now, now at times like times, what would Jesus do? Lulz...

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

I FFK Jim to watch Lesbian Vampire Killers at home

Jim sms-ed me about 3pm to go and play badminton with his peeps. Well i did say i'm in. Then guess what??? Lesbian Vampire Killers just finished downloaded and i can't help myself to resist to watch this B-grade British action/thriller/comedy flick. Sorry Jim, Lesbian-vampires beats playing badminton anyday.

Edwin called me just now too, to ask me to pick him up from work later at 12am. That joker just got back from ChiangMai but sadly he gotta straight go to work and his work only finishes at 12am. Better hope that ass bought some good shit for me. Or else i gonna dump him halfway on Federal Highway.

Mum called too, asking me what to tapao. Well, i have KFC cravings, so you guessed it right. Dinner plate here i come!!! What dinner plate? 3 piece of chicken? You fuckin glutton??? LOL!!! Chill, i'm sharing with my mum la.

Awaiting my KFC like some fucking hungry nigger now, while watching the last few minutes of Lesbian Vampire Killers. XD

Air-cond just got a lipo-suction

The air-conditioning people just left the house after servicing the air-cond in my room. Apparently it cost RM130 just to service it aka clean the whole bugger up. But guess what? Upon dismantling the son of a bitch, the repairman says the bearing aka motor have to change as well. And that will cost another RM100+! What the fuck!!? I felt being cheated!!? Does it really cost that much? Anyways, everything seems done here and i don't hear any funny weird chants which my air-cond makes for the passed few months. So i guess i'm fine with it.

My First Entry... Yay!!!

Well, i don't seem to know why i decide to start a blog. But really? This blog was created like years ago and i don't even bother to post anything up. First of all, don't care about the lousy profile info which i just copy and paste from my facebook profile.

Guess i didn't blog all this while cause i just got a too fucked up mind, i guess. I have alot of crazy crap going inside my head which i just can't seem to put it down on words. Well, maybe this time i shall attempt the impossible.

And hopefully, *fingers-crossed* i wont be so fucking lazy to update this blog once a while. Most probably, this blog also wont be seeing the light of day cause no one i know, knows its' existence.

Okay, so that's the introduction/prelude of my first ever official entry. After this, all other post will be lame, boring, full of pointless and meaningless rants.

KTHXBAI~ <-lame shit where you see always in forums!