Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Souvenirs From Chiang Mai

One of my buddy Edwin just got back from Chiang Mai yesterday for his company's trip. *Wow, lucky bastard!* And he got me 2 souvenirs.

Well the first one was a key chain with an elephant engraving on it. It's just something about Thais and their mythical bond with the elephant creature, i can't seem to quite understand. But they do really love those creatures.

Here's the keychain


But that wasn't the highlight of the night. After that he took out a small packet and toss it to me. Upon seeing the pack, i was like *Arrrghhhhhhhhhhh wahahhahah arrrrghhhhhh*

Kinda like almost the same reaction i got from this few chaps below...

But nah! It wasn't a Heineken la... It's something far more better...




*Arrrghhhhhhhhhhh wahahhahah arrrrghhhhhh*

*The author is so overwhelmed till fainted for seeing his beloved Marlboro's Soft Pack without pictures of dead alien babies, severed foot, hands, mouths and lungs... He thought he would never ever see another pack of Marlboro with all it's true and natural beauty*

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