Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My First Entry... Yay!!!

Well, i don't seem to know why i decide to start a blog. But really? This blog was created like years ago and i don't even bother to post anything up. First of all, don't care about the lousy profile info which i just copy and paste from my facebook profile.

Guess i didn't blog all this while cause i just got a too fucked up mind, i guess. I have alot of crazy crap going inside my head which i just can't seem to put it down on words. Well, maybe this time i shall attempt the impossible.

And hopefully, *fingers-crossed* i wont be so fucking lazy to update this blog once a while. Most probably, this blog also wont be seeing the light of day cause no one i know, knows its' existence.

Okay, so that's the introduction/prelude of my first ever official entry. After this, all other post will be lame, boring, full of pointless and meaningless rants.

KTHXBAI~ <-lame shit where you see always in forums!

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