Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Walk-In Fridge!!!

If you guys haven't watch the Heineken's commercial by now. You should be ashamed of yourself. Seriously the commercial is funny as hell! Okay, for the sake of those poor buggers that haven't got a slightest idea of what the commercial was all about... Here's the commercial

*This author must be a retard, didn't he just post the same video on his previous post?*

I AM FULLY AWARE okay!!! It's just that i love this commercial too much... XD
And guessed what? Bavaria decided to spoof that commercial as well. Here it goes...

Well, thinking that Bavaria would do that might come as cheap but it's kinda funny as well *gotta admit it though*. But, what the heck! It's funny la. Although it might not be original.

But then, Heineken decided to do a follow up of the very much successful and viral video. Here's the follow up.

Never thought of that didn't you? I love the contractor's acting. Damn cool.

Okay, so what if you guys really wanted to have a "Walk-in Fridge" just like the one you saw in the first commercial? Well!? Built one that looks like it la of course. But we all know, doing the real thing won't be a simple feat. But hell yeah! Ask these guys that question.

Crazy ass Europeans... XD

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