Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sexy Losers... Are you one?

Ever come across the word *fap*??? It's basically a term or a sound effect which represent the actual sound of masturbation, in case you haven't know. It was the creator of the comic strip "Sexy Losers" that popularize the now common term of "fap" or "fapping". Even some smileys with a drooling face has a shortcut of *fap* nowadays. All thanks to Mr.Clay, which is a Canadian living in Japan.

Well this comic strip do contain a huge amount of satire of human sexual foibles, themes generally alien to light comic fare, namely sex, fetishism, and sexual relationships.

Below is one of the latest entry and recently the author decided to revive the site. Good news for me... lulz



So if you like weird, sick, crazy ass comic strips... do check out

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