Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello 6am!!!

I hate the fucking 6am shift! Fuck that shit... And fuck the world, i am on the 6am shift in about 4 hours time...

I am a freaking late nite owl/human/vampire... whatever you call it. Nocturnal creatures so to say. And now it's already 1.45am and i'm still fucking wide awake.

I had a feeling that this gonna happen and good thing, there was no Monday Blues for me today coz i was having my off day today/yesterday/Monday. Hallelujah for that.

Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year to all those reading this blog. Haven't got time to update this shit for the passed few days, due to being lazy and also busy.

Oraitey, gotta savor whatever time i got left to get some sleep before waking up later for the fucking... let me repeat that... Fucking! 6am shift!

Hello 6am
Fuck you 6am
and Goodbye 6am...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Nana's Farewell Party/Night Out at Zouk KL

Well, on Saturday... A few of us went to Zouk to hang out together with Nana since she will be leaving to Australia this coming Chinese New Year to continue her studies there. The usual gang turned up. Pretty interesting night seeing Kai's sister was really drunk. What a sight which i wouldn't want anyone to behold. LOL! Not many pics though. Most are in Nana's camera, only got the photos which are from Azeem's handphone.

Did a major favor for Azeem for fetching him from Kelana Jaya, go all the way down to Nilai to meet up with JenSeng and then came back to KL and to Zouk to meet up the rest. That joker Azeem left his wallet in JenSeng's car and he asked me a favor to fetch him to Nilai to get his wallet back... = =!

Anyways, below are some of the photos taken on Saturday...

LOL!!! Still pretty reluctant on the whole driving down to Nilai look, i guess...

Somehow this pose looks abit cute...

Facial expression from Nicky looks like he just jizzed in his pants... LOL!

LOL! I look stoned... Weirdly stoned...

Three jokers...

I learned the sign from Jim... XD

One big happy family... O' Really???

Someone let a leopard out lose... XD

Samseng of Damansara... XD

Poor kid who had food poisoning... Couldn't party as hard as she normally does... XD

Another wild animal on the loose...

I look chubby... crap!!!

Alrite... 6am shift later and i got like just a few hours to sleep... = =!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Drink... Drank... Drunk...

Picture speaks louder than words... XD


Lesson to be learned...

1. Grow a brain!
2. Don't get license kopi-o
3. Signs are not target practice
4. This is not a computer game, where you score points on crashing cars

Friday, February 5, 2010

T.G.I.F.F. Thank God It's Fuckin Friday... My Foot!!!

Guess what??? Nope... I'm not on MC. I went to work... at 6.00am, left work at 6.10am in fact. Work starts at 7am. Went to mamak again, didn't order any iced drink... *Learn my lesson* But i did order Nescafe *diggin' for trouble* But then no problem, was fine. Got into office, check my schedule... KAPOOWW!!! My shifts today is actually at 11am!!!

What the fuckin' shit shit shit!!! KNNCCB!!! I was 4 hours early to work...

So i decided to come back home, cause since my shift today is at 11am, that means i only finished work at 8pm and i got a futsal game later at 9pm. *Initial plan, thought 4pm finish, can go back, nap then later only go*

There goes my week la... I told you!!! *Refer older post* That this week gonna be a fucked up week and in fact it was and i think i jinxed myself.

So comin' back home from PJ back to Cheras just now i saw an amazing sight. The jam was all the way from PJ till Taman Connought in Cheras. That's approx 15km long of unmoving cars along the East West Link Highway!!! KNNCCB! I seriously pity those folks who are on that highway. Take a look at the pics below...





And now i'm back home, i'm still thinking which way should i use later to avoid that massive pile-up. Work at 11am, and now i'm at home... Hmmm.... Will the jam be clear later on? I doubt that...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I got a feeling...That this week gonna be a bad week...

Today is the third day of the month of February which i fell sick and it's only the fuckin' 4th of February. Imagine out of 4 days of February, 3 days MC. Shit!!!

I don't know what's wrong with this month, but seriously... i wouldn't want to have the title of MC king written on my forehead. And i would feel bad if i were to steal the title from my colleague Farah and Nita, where both of them took MC kao kao last month...

Honestly, this is not a fake MC, i felt like vomiting ever since i woke up this morning. In fact i reach office early just now. Took a drink with Dennis, one of my colleague at Jamal Mamak shop opposite my office block, was fine, talking to him... Drank my Nescafe and then when i walk towards my office i was *bluuurrkkk* * vomited*

I don't know whether it's the Nescafe or what. I hope it's not the Nescafe or else Dennis will have a jolly good time later on too.

Lesson to be learn:-

1. Never drink Nescafe
2. Never drink in a Mamak where you encounter this situation, sick after that... ever again

Feel free to add the list of things not to do to avoid sudden cases of food/drink poisoning...

My supervisor will be sighing again once she gets my text saying i'm on MC... So sorry Vennicia...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Talking about being cynical...

Talking about being cynical... Well, some friends you have, never seems to failed to amuse you. Not that i care. LOL! I learn from them too. Some just don't bother to contact you or keep their promises when they say they will and some just basically will only call when they need you and never available on other times... AWESOME!

I went to service my car even though i'm on MC

Yeaps!!! I just got back home from servicing my Myvi. It was the first service which is due at ~1000km mileage. Ok, fine... it's km-leage... not mileage. Whatever~

And guess what... RM207!!! Shit! The asshole bitch ask me to install the noise reduction plate which cost about 60 bucks. Plate my ass! It looks like a polystyrene block glued to the top part of the bonnet. FUCK! Such a rip-off!

I thought they should have included that piece of shit in the car straight away? Now i know this is now Perodua makes money. Buy a full accessories car for nothing. And they don't even bother putting that sheets of rubberize PVC in the first place.

Anyhow, to those who didn't know. I lost my Zippo last month at my work place... FUCK yes! A brand new Zippo which is only about a month old... I left it like at the 4th floor of my building block along side with a half smoked pack of Luckies. And when i realized it, i went down, and tada!!! It was fucking gone!

I was cursing myself for 2 weeks for losing my Zippo. Any how i went to Jusco just now to get myself another Zippo. This time i'm hangin on to it with my life!!! I ain't gonna lose this baby anymore.

Crap... This month's pay really is draining off. Gotta pay for my car, gotta pay for car service, gotta pay for gym. Fuck stupid gym, i kinda regret signing up and now every month gotta pay like RM275 for the stupid ass gym which i hardly go. Shit man! Just paying off all my bills, RM1300 already gone.

Looks like i'm gonna eat maggi and bread for the rest of the month...

I Salute You!!! Sucky Tuesday

Allrite... Here i am back again... I went to the doctor yesterday and apparently i muscle was all fucked up. So he gave me like 2 days of mc for monday and also for today. So tada!!! Here i am.

My colleague told me on msn last nite. She was a funny cat. She said... "Wow, only beginning of the month, already mc" LOL! Yeah, i know it's like damn ironic coz she apparently took terlebih mc last month... LOL!

Okay... i'm suppose to be resting at home, yeah... i am... But good thing my muscle cramps are better now. Yesterday was really bad, the moment i got up. I can't even get up from the bed.

Since i'm up so early, i was thinking to sent my car for it's first service. Oh ya, to some of them who din know, i just bought a Myvi and apparently it's about time to have it's first service.

So i'm thinking of driving to the service centre and reach there by 8am so that i can be one of the first few ones in line to get their car serviced.

Hmm... Well, since i'm up so early... My as well just go and do it.

LOL!!! I guess Nita and Aina will be at work now and wondering where this joker has gone to... XD

Monday, February 1, 2010

Blue... Black Monday... What ever you call it... It's still a Fucked Up Monday

Okay peoples... Back from hiatus and a post rambling and cursing about monday? Well, much apologies... Coz today i woke up and was all ready to get to work i got the worst body cramp ever! I couldn't even woke up from bed. That's how bad was it.

In the afternoon i couldn't take the pain so i decided to just sleep off and rest and guess what i woke up with the damn cramp/body ache again. Shit! Okay... i think i'm goin to the clinic now.

See you later on peoples...