Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I went to service my car even though i'm on MC

Yeaps!!! I just got back home from servicing my Myvi. It was the first service which is due at ~1000km mileage. Ok, fine... it's km-leage... not mileage. Whatever~

And guess what... RM207!!! Shit! The asshole bitch ask me to install the noise reduction plate which cost about 60 bucks. Plate my ass! It looks like a polystyrene block glued to the top part of the bonnet. FUCK! Such a rip-off!

I thought they should have included that piece of shit in the car straight away? Now i know this is now Perodua makes money. Buy a full accessories car for nothing. And they don't even bother putting that sheets of rubberize PVC in the first place.

Anyhow, to those who didn't know. I lost my Zippo last month at my work place... FUCK yes! A brand new Zippo which is only about a month old... I left it like at the 4th floor of my building block along side with a half smoked pack of Luckies. And when i realized it, i went down, and tada!!! It was fucking gone!

I was cursing myself for 2 weeks for losing my Zippo. Any how i went to Jusco just now to get myself another Zippo. This time i'm hangin on to it with my life!!! I ain't gonna lose this baby anymore.

Crap... This month's pay really is draining off. Gotta pay for my car, gotta pay for car service, gotta pay for gym. Fuck stupid gym, i kinda regret signing up and now every month gotta pay like RM275 for the stupid ass gym which i hardly go. Shit man! Just paying off all my bills, RM1300 already gone.

Looks like i'm gonna eat maggi and bread for the rest of the month...


theeggyolks said...

hey hey..cool down..

Mobile Car Service said...

I'm pretty happy with the service there. The prices could be a little cheaper but ... My car notoriously gets stuck in snow - even a little bit - and the balding tires..

kenwooi said...

car maintenance kills =P