Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello 6am!!!

I hate the fucking 6am shift! Fuck that shit... And fuck the world, i am on the 6am shift in about 4 hours time...

I am a freaking late nite owl/human/vampire... whatever you call it. Nocturnal creatures so to say. And now it's already 1.45am and i'm still fucking wide awake.

I had a feeling that this gonna happen and good thing, there was no Monday Blues for me today coz i was having my off day today/yesterday/Monday. Hallelujah for that.

Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year to all those reading this blog. Haven't got time to update this shit for the passed few days, due to being lazy and also busy.

Oraitey, gotta savor whatever time i got left to get some sleep before waking up later for the fucking... let me repeat that... Fucking! 6am shift!

Hello 6am
Fuck you 6am
and Goodbye 6am...

1 comment:

kenwooi said...

6am shift.. yeah.. kind sucky.. =P