Friday, March 5, 2010

What a Crazy Fucked Up Dream I Had

Just woke up feeling all fucked up and confused. Seriously! I was like kinda stuck in a nightmare where i can't exit just a moment ago.

How fucked up the dream was? It was REALLY FUCKED UP!

I won't go into the details cause its kinda personal, but since i'm such a nice guy... I'll share some of the scandalous juice in the dream i had

Why don't i make a list? Better right? Straight and simple. Okay, so my nightmare consist of:-

1. Seeing some of your friends that you know in the dream doing some gay shit

2. Went to a "Porn Convention/Event"

3. Witness massive sex orgy session which involves some of your girl friends that you know

4. Me, hiding in the toilet for god knows what reason

5. Seeing my friend got crazy at a policeman for giving him a summons for littering

6. Summons was a direct order to arrest my friend issued by our Prime Minister

7. Seeing Maria Ozawa in the Porn Convention (That's a plus)

8. Me throwing seeds and fruits to a group of people on the other side of the field (Kinda like a food fight thing, but it was with fruits and seeds... Yeah seeds, and those seeds really can fly far)

There you go! Summary of the fucked up dream that i got.

Hell i know what's the meaning to it...

Gonna think about it and try to deduce this mother fucker.

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