Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Poem Sonnet Haiku Whatver la...

I was making fun of my fellow colleague about his what he claimed to be his sonnet writing ability and was saying that..."Bugger, you think i can't write for nuts izzit?"

I was like... "Wow, i didn't know you can write?"

He did mentioned that yesterday after gotten another fellow colleague's invitation for his engagement party, he eventually wrote a what he claimed a 'haiku'.

I just checked the email just now and read it, it goes like this:

Congrats to both of U!!!

Lemme dedicate this Haiku to both of U for this joyous occasion.

As a New Sun Arises
I Stand Firm looking Past the Horizon
Embarking on A Voyage that would Take Us to the Distance
For Whatever the Future holds Uncertain
My Happiness in the Present stays Eternal

P.S. And yes I did wrote that myself !!!!

Then eventually i was like... Trollin' time Oh Yeah! And emailed him this:

Here’s a haiku for you…

As he glaze into the glaring stars
Bright as the sun yet empty like a glittering jar
Hoping to find a part that filled that void
But instead, being inflicted by innumerous scars

Well, now to see it, it's kinda depressing poem so to say...

1 Year Ago

Exactly 1 year ago, 2nd of August 2010 was the day that i got my acceptance letter to the job which i am currently working now, at Standard Chartered Bank. Kinda ironic to see the acceptance letter in my hand just now and was telling my fellow colleagues that it's been 1 year since we joined in.

Kinda ironic that it will soon be 1 year since i step into this office and soon by the end of this month, i shall be leaving. Well, not exactly end of the month, more like 26th of this month XD.

1 year of being in this office, you tend to know more than you should and also wish that you knew more since most big management tend to microspecify your work load and job scope.

Well, enough is enough and when opportunity comes knocking on your front door, it's foolish not to open.

And thus i am on my way out of here and will soon embark on a new field of work which may seem foreign to me but i am equally as much excited.