Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We all love horses...rite?
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Lunch Break

This was a joke told by my Pengajian Am (General Paper) lecturer when i was in one of his tuition classes. Well, pretty sure you know there's worst things that happen there in those meetings. Thank god we have Youtube for evidence and for our amusement.


Surrogates Movie Review

Surrogates Movie Premiere was two days ago and i manage to catch the premiere screening in Cineleisure aka e@Curve all thanks to Nuffnang

Overall, the movie was alright. Well, there's nothing much to scream about and generally it's an okay movie. The plot at first was rather confusing due to the approach of the story telling but generally, the whole idea of the plot is rather normal and predictable.

The interesting part of the movie did not lie on the action part, in fact i find it less of a action-movie base and more of a sci-fi base movie. It's a little mixture of elements that you can see in terminator and die hard which has major influences in this movie.

Honestly i do recommend people to watch this movie, seeing that there's not many new release in the local cinemas. But don't get over hyped on this because it's pretty much just an average rating movie.

Surrogates Ratings:
Storyline: 5.5/10
Uh-Wah Factor: 5.5/10
Overall: 6.0/10

The Reality of Football

Well, it's a pretty big upset if you ask me about this mornin' Champions League match. I don't even want to spare the details cause you can just check on the results. A few big teams struggled to get points out of their relatively easy opponents.

But the greater reality is what happen to our football in Malaysia. I was trying to google a decent website to check on updates of our local league matches and scores and i can't hardly find one.

So, here's something to you guys to enjoy...

P.S. It took me sometime to get that data on the Malaysia football results...


It's Wednesday!!! Let's Go 'Birdwatchin'!!!

Well in case for those who didn't know. Every Wednesdays, the Malaysian cabinet will have a meeting in the Parliament to 'discuss' and 'approve' bills, rights, projects and also whatever that's cabinet for the *coughs* rakyat. So here's a comic for the amusement of all fellow rakyats such as you and me.


P.S. By the way, i'm still looking at ideas for the title of my comic strip... Do post your suggestions on the comment page. Thank you fellow rakyats...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hasta La Vista, Baby!!!

So today is the Malaysian movie premiere of the movie "Surrogates"... So i decided to spoof my own web comic about it.


So to those who's going to the premiere tonight, hope you guys will enjoy the movie. And hopefully, the movie doesn't get 'pwned' that much.

Thanks Nuffnang for giving out those free premiere tickets...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Truth Hurts...

This comic is my self made comic strips inspired by Cyanide and Happiness which i've created by using just MS Paint. Well don't blame me coz it's fugly, coz i don't really know all those fancy photoshop stuff...


P.S. This post is dedicated to jloi since he was somehow strangely interested in "S" hole...

*Updated the comic strips with some basic colors... XD*


So far i don't have a name for the webcomic which i'm gonna do, so if there's any suggestion of what this comic strip goin to be... Do post it up in the comments...

P.S. I need crazy bonkers name la... Coz this webcomic gonna be... retarded and psycho... and sick kinda humor...

You Sure You Guys Are Over 21?

It's Sunday again... Yes another Sunday....

So since it's Sunday again, i guess we all know what day it is... YES! It's Jesus Comic Day... So here's one...


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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Consequences of Various Sex Act

Below are the 4 most common consequences of various sex act...


So i wonder which category do you fall into??? XD

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A post dedicated to all INSOMNIACS!!!

Insomnia [in-som-nee-uh]


inability to obtain sufficient sleep, esp. when chronic; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness.

Insomniac [in-som-nee-ak]


a person who suffers from insomnia.


So now, you all know the definition of it. So, if you fall into that category, this post is indeed dedicated to you! Yes, YOU!


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Monday, September 21, 2009

LowYat.Net SC Gathering in Midvalley

Ok peepz, just got the photos from Jason from the LYN SC page and it's time to BLOG!!! WooHoo!!!

Ok, for those who dunno LYN it's actually la. And SC stand for Single's Club with is a sub forum in Lowyat's Forum. Well, basically we are a bunch of people who borak borak on the forum thread that talks from A to Z.

The SC thread is one of the longest thread running on CC and till date, the latest version of this thread is already on version 209! Hahaha! What a long season, huh!?

I've been throlling around that thread for few months and got to know most of the guys and gurls who throlls that thread to. *Well more like they are the taikos and taikachers la*

So anyway, today afternoon was the gathering among LYN SC members and also in conjuction of celebrating Cynthia's pre birthday celebration. Those who turned up was Cynthia, Crystele, Ryan, Jason and Cheeann.

So what we did was meet up at around 11.30am, when for makan cause our movie was 3.20pm. The movie that we all planned to watch was G-Force. *Yeaps, that's a movie that i normally won't watch, but to heck with it la*

Actually, i wasn't able to make it on time to meet up at 11.30am cause i was in church, and moreover was in music duty playing the bass guitar. Good thing, today's church service finished kinda early about 12pm plus, so i manage to be there in Midvalley a lil' earlier that i was expected. But sadly, i miss the mooncake+ice-cream thingy that Ryan gave to Cynthia for her 'birthday cake'


OMG!!! Lol! LMAO! That looks like abit *eeeeyyyerrrrr* Well, it's the thought that counts, right? Sadly, the ice cream melted already, so hence the artwork. XD


Yet, birthday gurl seems to be thrilled at the 'cake'


The above fella is none other than the culprit of the genius invention of the mooncake+ice-cream creation which is Ryan.

Well at first most of the peeps, couldn't decide on whether to makan. But eventually, we all decided to go to Chili's Copycat/Sister company's Spagetti and Grill.


The carnage that we all ordered, as below...




So after the lunch, the girls when to go look at clothes as usual, and the guys we went mall 'lepaking'. We went to dropped by the arcade to play some games, while waitin' for the movie to start. Cause by the time we finished our lunch, we still had 1 hour before the movie starts.

Jason, myself and Ryan played a couple rounds of Daytona USA, *My fav racing game* But the limelight of the day was Jason really kick serious arse in VirtuaStriker arcade football game. Didn't know that Jason was really good in playing that game. He even had 3 winning streaks against random opponent. By the time, the movie already about to start, Jason was still playing the game and he simply just left it there cause we didn't want to be late for G-Force.

Honestly, i didn't really get to watch and enjoyed the whole movie, cause i was like dozing off almost the whole show due to my tiredness and lack of sleep. I managed to stay awake for the 1st hour of the movie, but the rest of that i was in Zzzz-land.

After the movie, we took a group photo of the whole gang who turned up. Crystele was so camera shy and instead became the camera-girl.

From the left: Me, Ryan, Cynthia, Jason and Cheeann

Jason MIA to take this pic

Since i dooze off throught out the G-Force movie, i don't think i'll be rating the movie. Kinda seem not fair, rite?

All in all, it was a eventfull day and there were all cheers and laughter. Looks like alot of people will be looking forward for the next LYN SC gathering.

WAIT! I realized something!!!


OMG... The similiarities... XD

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya to ALL!!!

Looks like Raya in here again! More house visiting, and eating all those glorious food! It's nice to be a Malaysian for we have like tonnes of different festivals that we all can enjoy.

I honestly believe that as we all are living in a multiracial country, we ought to be thankful that we can enjoy all these little bundles of joys such as celebrating the festive day together. Not as an individual but as a country, more importantly as MALAYSIAN!

So eat ya hearts out boys and girls. Don't bother those extra kilos you gonna gain. Raya is once a year! *err, well maybe twice... once* Go visit ya Muslim friends, go eat their food! They don't mind!

Oh ya, it's also a Sunday... So, hmm... *thinkin'* It's time for some Jesus C&H jokes... Neh, i'll give Jesus a rest today. And since my cell group was talking about creation, we find Jesus's Dad for some funnies.


More creation funnies at

*pics doesn't belong to me source from the internet

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lester's Birthday cum BBQ Party

Well just got back from 3 places. Yeaps! Busy Saturday evening/night. Well, at first i dropped by at Cindy's house for our Young Adult's Cell Group. Cindy's hubby wasn't around cause he went back to Seremban. So, the usual 'crowd' was Cindy, Johnny, Gilbert and myself.

We covered the part about the Fall of Adam and Eve, and also about the different state of human being before and after "The Fall". Yeaps! Cell Group is actually a Bible Study/Lepak-lepak session being held at our church member's house on a weekly basis.

So after that, i had to rush to church for the music practice. The church that i attend is called Praise City Church KL and its actually located in Cheras itself, somewhere about 10 minutes drive from my house.


Right after practice, i rushed down to PJ to my friend Lester's Birthday cum BBQ Party. Sad to say, i was the only Sedaya College kaki there, Nic was back in Penang, Azeem busy preparing Raya back in Seremban and Jim, dunno where he MIA, i guess he might be in Malacca if he started his Aviation Course.


So 'makan makan', 'borak borak' and more 'makan makan', sing birthday song, cut cake, eat cake. Stuffed will stomach wanna 'meletup'!!!


Left early from the party since i was abit tired. Another busy day tomorrow for i have to wake up early for soundcheck and prerun practice in church at 8.30am. So till then, ciao~

Friday, September 18, 2009

Borin' Day... Borin' Nite... WHY SO BORIN'???

Well gotta say today is and was a borin' day and nite for me. Didn't do anything productive at all. Only thing that i'm attempting to do something is probably gonna be writing this blog entry.

Probably it's a good thing, resting my ass at home cause it's goin' to be a busy and hectic weekend for me.

Yeaps, it's the week again where i'm on duty to play the bass for this week's Sunday Service. In case you all don't know, i do play bass and guitar and i'm kinda like one of the bass player for my church. Occasionally, i do play the guitar but there seem to be lacking of people playing bass guitar so bass it is.


Yeaps! That's me with my fav koyak jeans and my guitar... and well, that my friend is a really old picture.

Below are 2 very old pictures of Nicholl, Jim and myself playing in our first and last gig as a trio acoustic band. Those were fun times, and well yeah... these are really old photos as well.


This is the more "poyo" photo...


LOL! The Treo's... Sounds more like Oreo's...

Well tomorrow gonna be abit busy coz i have music practice in the evening and then i'll have to go to my friend Lester's birthday party cum BBQ at nite who he in fact just got back from Canada/Japan/i dunno which country he's been... Well, he's been away for quite some time i should say.

Last time i saw him was i think 2 to 3 years back during college time before he went off to Canada to study. Below is a really really old picture of our trip up to Penang. In the pics are myself, Nicholl, Azeem and Lester.


Then on the next day which is Sunday, i have to wake up early for church for the sound check and all and then right after service i have to rush my ass to Midvalley for a gathering among lowyat forumers and also to celebrate Cynthia's pre-birthday celebration who is a fellow forumer.

And Nite, depending on my muslim friends, whether they are asking to go to their house for Hari Raya celebration. So yeah! Pretty busy weekend! Hope i have a great weekend though...

Okay before i sign off feeling all excited for the weekend, i have to remind myself that now it's STILL A BORIN' DAY!!!

I'll leave you all with those 2 losers down here to tell ya how borin' i am right now...

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pool Outing at Asia Cafe Subang


So yesterday i "FFK" my futsal gang to play pool. On the way there via Federal, there was a massive crawl starting from Asia Jaya area, so i decided to detour via PJ State to NPE Highway instead.

So the usual gang were there including Azeem's and Lallu's workmates. So the whole crew that was there was Azeem, Siva, Chee Seong and Hilda, Lallu and KaiXian, and 3 workmates of Azeem's and Lallu's which is another Siva, Sufian and the other guy i forget his name... *Paiseh*


The person with the highest form and really on fire was KaiXian. LOL! He basically thrashed everybody in pool. He is pretty good with the balls... XD


Place was pretty crowded as usual. Overall, awesome nite... Sadly my phone battery was ko-ing so can't candid snap more photos.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Looks like i'm not goin for futsal today...

Well, for those who didn't know. I play futsal every Wednesday. It has been like a routine of mine since 2 to 3 years back. And basically this futsal session, i'm practically managing it as in calling for people to confirm attendance, making the bookings and see all the stuff goin on smoothly.

SP Ampang

Heck i even make myself a forum thread on

The Challenger Wednesday Cheras Futsal Club

But well looks like i'm forgoing my futsal session for my bro Azeem... to play pool... *Ades!*

Well looks like it's Bros before Balls...

Gotta be in Asia Cafe for pool with Azeem and his gang by 9.45pm... Sigh, looks like i have to drive all the way to Subang from Cheras...

Well yeah it's suppose to be whores... i know, i know...

Speaking of whores... why not strippers whores... Like one of these below... Stripper whores on a polestick doin some nasty pole dancing... XD

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Evening Stroll Around My Neighbourhood

If you guys/gurls really a shopaholic, try and guess which mall's parking is this?


It's Mines Shopping Fair in Sri Kembangan!!! Well yeah!!! No more those funny animals sign that tells you what floor who are in. Cause THE WHOLE PLACE CHANGED MANAGEMENT ALREADY!!!

So yeaps! I took advice from a blogger in NN, Kristine to go check out Mines and to my suprised, the whole place looks really nice. They redid the flooring, paintwork, and even renovated a small new addition to an area of the mall. I was shocked to see that this was the same mall that i came two years back.


Last time was real crappy, looks like a dead mall but now. Wow Wee, cantek alot already.


So on my way back home, as i almost reach my housing area, i saw this!


WTF!??? Carrefour!!? Another supermarket opening around my area. First was the Giant Hypermarket, then it was JUSCO Selatan and now... Carrefour!!? Damn!~ Looks like 3 major shopping malls/supermarkets are now within my 5km grasp.

P.S. The Carrefour pic was taken while i was drivin' at 80km/h using my handphone. LOLz