Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hungry... So Begs the Question... To Cook or To Tapao!?

I'm hungry as balls now. Why balls? Coz balls inside hollow ma... Air only... Get it!? It ain't vulgar, okay!? If you just pause and use ya friggin' brain to think about it... LOL!

Okay, okay~ Back to topic... I'm contemplating whether to cook or to just go out and buy something. I'm undecided. Well, there are pros and cons for both of that options. Below are some that i can think of.


1. Don't need leave the house
2. Don't need to spend extra cash

1. Need to wait for meat to defrost
2. Need to prepare stuff to cook, prep and all... alot of work and leceh


1. Can tapao anything
2. No need to sweat out plus can go jalan jalan

1. Need to spend extra money to buy food
2. Might rain
3. Lazy to keluar rumah

OMG!!! What should i do? If i'm still undecided i might just puasa and don't eat and stay at home...


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Haha... Delivery... Good idea but only McD at my area... Moreover just ate McD like yesterday...