Monday, September 14, 2009

Back from KLIA

Okay, okay... Boring post... Yes, yes... I just got back from KLIA after seeing Prasana off. Sob sob... Not bad la, among her friends, we were the few ones that turned up beside her parents and sister and relatives.

On the way back, crap! Took the wrong highway and ended up on the North-South Highway and got a friggin' seven bucks plus toll fee.

On the way back got the munchies... LOL! Yeah! Even without weed, cause I'm a glut! Have the McD cravings and stopped by at the Sg. Besi Petronas/McD to wallop mah Double Cheese Beef Burger! Muahahaha!!!

To my suprise, McD at 2am and there's people eating wei! And the Drive-Thru was like having non-stop amount of cars passing by. Damn early those malays sahor meh!? Can't be ma... Well, i suddenly forgot that we are Malaysian wei... Eating is a JOB!

All hail MALAYSIA!!! Where the people eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all 12 months round and all year through!!! Hallelujah!!!~~~


Johnny Ong said...

u are correct on that 24hrs eateries found in m'sia. just can't find such thing in many other countries

Anonymous said...

one thing i love about this.. any time of the day also can get food... u cannot die of starvation in Malaysia... unless really no food ._.