Friday, September 18, 2009

Borin' Day... Borin' Nite... WHY SO BORIN'???

Well gotta say today is and was a borin' day and nite for me. Didn't do anything productive at all. Only thing that i'm attempting to do something is probably gonna be writing this blog entry.

Probably it's a good thing, resting my ass at home cause it's goin' to be a busy and hectic weekend for me.

Yeaps, it's the week again where i'm on duty to play the bass for this week's Sunday Service. In case you all don't know, i do play bass and guitar and i'm kinda like one of the bass player for my church. Occasionally, i do play the guitar but there seem to be lacking of people playing bass guitar so bass it is.


Yeaps! That's me with my fav koyak jeans and my guitar... and well, that my friend is a really old picture.

Below are 2 very old pictures of Nicholl, Jim and myself playing in our first and last gig as a trio acoustic band. Those were fun times, and well yeah... these are really old photos as well.


This is the more "poyo" photo...


LOL! The Treo's... Sounds more like Oreo's...

Well tomorrow gonna be abit busy coz i have music practice in the evening and then i'll have to go to my friend Lester's birthday party cum BBQ at nite who he in fact just got back from Canada/Japan/i dunno which country he's been... Well, he's been away for quite some time i should say.

Last time i saw him was i think 2 to 3 years back during college time before he went off to Canada to study. Below is a really really old picture of our trip up to Penang. In the pics are myself, Nicholl, Azeem and Lester.


Then on the next day which is Sunday, i have to wake up early for church for the sound check and all and then right after service i have to rush my ass to Midvalley for a gathering among lowyat forumers and also to celebrate Cynthia's pre-birthday celebration who is a fellow forumer.

And Nite, depending on my muslim friends, whether they are asking to go to their house for Hari Raya celebration. So yeah! Pretty busy weekend! Hope i have a great weekend though...

Okay before i sign off feeling all excited for the weekend, i have to remind myself that now it's STILL A BORIN' DAY!!!

I'll leave you all with those 2 losers down here to tell ya how borin' i am right now...

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