Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya to ALL!!!

Looks like Raya in here again! More house visiting, and eating all those glorious food! It's nice to be a Malaysian for we have like tonnes of different festivals that we all can enjoy.

I honestly believe that as we all are living in a multiracial country, we ought to be thankful that we can enjoy all these little bundles of joys such as celebrating the festive day together. Not as an individual but as a country, more importantly as MALAYSIAN!

So eat ya hearts out boys and girls. Don't bother those extra kilos you gonna gain. Raya is once a year! *err, well maybe twice... once* Go visit ya Muslim friends, go eat their food! They don't mind!

Oh ya, it's also a Sunday... So, hmm... *thinkin'* It's time for some Jesus C&H jokes... Neh, i'll give Jesus a rest today. And since my cell group was talking about creation, we find Jesus's Dad for some funnies.


More creation funnies at

*pics doesn't belong to me source from the internet

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