Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Poem Sonnet Haiku Whatver la...

I was making fun of my fellow colleague about his what he claimed to be his sonnet writing ability and was saying that..."Bugger, you think i can't write for nuts izzit?"

I was like... "Wow, i didn't know you can write?"

He did mentioned that yesterday after gotten another fellow colleague's invitation for his engagement party, he eventually wrote a what he claimed a 'haiku'.

I just checked the email just now and read it, it goes like this:

Congrats to both of U!!!

Lemme dedicate this Haiku to both of U for this joyous occasion.

As a New Sun Arises
I Stand Firm looking Past the Horizon
Embarking on A Voyage that would Take Us to the Distance
For Whatever the Future holds Uncertain
My Happiness in the Present stays Eternal

P.S. And yes I did wrote that myself !!!!

Then eventually i was like... Trollin' time Oh Yeah! And emailed him this:

Here’s a haiku for you…

As he glaze into the glaring stars
Bright as the sun yet empty like a glittering jar
Hoping to find a part that filled that void
But instead, being inflicted by innumerous scars

Well, now to see it, it's kinda depressing poem so to say...

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