Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy End of the World 2012

Happy End of the World Year to all of you!!! Oh yeah!!! It's 2012 and 'oh yeah'... It's the first post of the year for me... So, what to expect? New resolutions? New sudden urge to start posting blogpost? Words of wisdom?

Who am I kidding? It'll be the same crap as every year... Bullshits promises that we don't mean to keep or do. Resolutions that we make which will end up not doin' a Goddamn thing. Yeah! I'm not being negative or what not, I'm just telling the actual fact.

So the point is, whether the world is goin to end or not? XD

Trollolol... Can't help it... XD Thanks to the whole Mayan people and the John Cusack's movie, the whole end of the world jokes/figure of speech will be overused throughout this whole year.

Okay, okay... Point is... Cut all the bullshit and horsecrap and enjoy ya life like it's the last year before end of the world... *Baduum* XD

Girls... Go and walk up to the guy you haven't or normally won't and ask him out and make Mr.Forever Alone the happiest guy on earth. Chics of all races, if you think that there's this blogger guy who talks crap on the internet is kinda cute, go ahead... Ask him out... Pretty sure he will rock your world XD

Don't just sit ya lazy asses in front of your computer only. Live life!!! Do something... Anything... Something crazy but not so crazy enough that you will live through it.

So people... Rakyats...

Lemme hear you say... "Live Life!!!" Yeah! Say it out loud!!!


If you don't feel motivated, well just remember this piktur below...

Oh yeah!!! It's the last year of the world... XD

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR once again... and remember... remember... Don't be a douchebag...

Like this fella...

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