Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Salute You!!! Sucky Tuesday

Allrite... Here i am back again... I went to the doctor yesterday and apparently i muscle was all fucked up. So he gave me like 2 days of mc for monday and also for today. So tada!!! Here i am.

My colleague told me on msn last nite. She was a funny cat. She said... "Wow, only beginning of the month, already mc" LOL! Yeah, i know it's like damn ironic coz she apparently took terlebih mc last month... LOL!

Okay... i'm suppose to be resting at home, yeah... i am... But good thing my muscle cramps are better now. Yesterday was really bad, the moment i got up. I can't even get up from the bed.

Since i'm up so early, i was thinking to sent my car for it's first service. Oh ya, to some of them who din know, i just bought a Myvi and apparently it's about time to have it's first service.

So i'm thinking of driving to the service centre and reach there by 8am so that i can be one of the first few ones in line to get their car serviced.

Hmm... Well, since i'm up so early... My as well just go and do it.

LOL!!! I guess Nita and Aina will be at work now and wondering where this joker has gone to... XD

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