Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I FFK Jim to watch Lesbian Vampire Killers at home

Jim sms-ed me about 3pm to go and play badminton with his peeps. Well i did say i'm in. Then guess what??? Lesbian Vampire Killers just finished downloaded and i can't help myself to resist to watch this B-grade British action/thriller/comedy flick. Sorry Jim, Lesbian-vampires beats playing badminton anyday.

Edwin called me just now too, to ask me to pick him up from work later at 12am. That joker just got back from ChiangMai but sadly he gotta straight go to work and his work only finishes at 12am. Better hope that ass bought some good shit for me. Or else i gonna dump him halfway on Federal Highway.

Mum called too, asking me what to tapao. Well, i have KFC cravings, so you guessed it right. Dinner plate here i come!!! What dinner plate? 3 piece of chicken? You fuckin glutton??? LOL!!! Chill, i'm sharing with my mum la.

Awaiting my KFC like some fucking hungry nigger now, while watching the last few minutes of Lesbian Vampire Killers. XD

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