Thursday, October 8, 2009

Can I Force a Smile Despite I am Sick?

Okay people, yes i am down with flu and cough since this morning. I had no idea how i got infected with the flu and cough. Maybe cause yesterday i overexerted my body by playing badminton and futsal back to back without taking much fluids and water?

Anyhow, there's like a bundle of tissue papers on my desk to stop my leaking nose. Yeaps, it's leaking like a broken pipe. Any further explaining of that might gross you all out.

So begs the question, at times like this, it's pretty hard to put a smile on your face. Fake it? Neh... That won't work. Unless...

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kenwooi said...

no harm trying to smile.. =)

Kennee said...

@kenwooi: lolz... hard to keep a smile on la coz of the frequent coughs... XD But nonetheless i will try~ ^^