Friday, October 2, 2009

Race Relations in Malaysia

Taken from BBC Radio 4's Crossing Continent which has travelled to Malaysia to explore the divide among races and spoke to the new generation of Malaysians pushing for more equality after decades of a system of racial preferences.

Below are 3 videos of interviews from 3 different people by
reporter Mukul Devichand.

First was
Luqman, a student leader at the Universiti Teknologi Mara - a Malay University. Last year he led a street protest after a state official remarked that perhaps one in 10 university places should be opened to minorities.

Secondly was
Sue, a Malay Muslim. Religion is important to her and this has influenced her views on race.

Lastly was
to student and blogger Vasantarao, who was part of an explosion of anger from Malaysia's smallest racial group, the Indians, which first shook the country in 2007.

So whose point of view are the same as ours? Why is that so?

I begin to wonder, if 1Malaysia will ever gonna make any kinda of impact to our society, country and nation.

How i wish we would all give the same reply as those kids above...

For the full report do visit this link at BBC News


[rin] said...

since when did universities become a racial establishment?
is there truly such a thing as "malay" university?
if it's a religious-study institution, that would be more understandable but this is higher education we are talking about here.
what could possibly be so harmful about mixing around with all the races on the same campus, studying in the same class, sharing the same dorms?
if any, it would serve to further prevent narrow-minded thinking such as our dear student leader friend.
we don't see "chinese" universities or "indian" universities, do we?
malays are not the true bumiputeras here - he has no right to talk as if he owns the land because, very simply, he doesn't.
the other races owe him (and his race) nothing.
each and every one of us contributed towards the advancement of this country; no us, no them.
the way that guy thinks will be the source of his "failure" in the future.


Kennee said...

@[rin]: Some people are just plain ignorant, but you got a good view there, at this current age, that kind of mentality should not exist anymore... god forbid...

Cherlin said...

i love the "how do you spell dinosaur?" directed by the late yasmin ahmad.

tzia said...

and.. it's shoot in my primary school! lol.

Kennee said...

@Cherlin: Yes yes!!! I love Yasmin Ahmad's commercials... god rest her soul... R.I.P

Kennee said...

@tzia: wow...ur primary school???