Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's All About the People

Guess what? It's Wednesday again and i wonder what interesting things are going on in the cabinet meetings. Some might have noticed that last Wednesday i did have a post regarding our country's political situation and I've joke about it.

Well, maybe in the future i might dedicate my Wednesday's post to touch about our country's political scenario, joke about and also some post on my view as a Malaysian regarding our country's political situation.

Well, I ain't no political scientist, activist or whatsoever. I'm just a regular Malaysian who kinda wants to gives his 2 cents regarding what has happen in our country he loves.

Some might or might not know that there's By Election at Bagan Pinang. So as usual, all kinda antics you can see on the media. Kinda like a biddin' war but more like a pasar malam kinda biddin' where two sellers are busy lelong-ing their stuff at a better offer to attract customers.

From the many people and friends that I've talked to, most of them do say that Malaysia is fine. We got not much problem as in we do still live in here peacefully and normally. So when comes to the issue of who you prefer to rule the goverment, mostly don't really care on the difference.

That comes to my point. At times, one have to realize that it's not about who is running who or who is the boss. As long as we the people are taken care off and the meets and also needs are taken care of, it's pretty much fine.

Politicians have to realized that, despite most of them are at each other's neck all the time, they have to know what are the main priorities. It's the people who entrusted you and elected you to do the job for the people and not for personal gain.

Below is a comic that i did in conjuction of the message. I hope you all do catch the hidden meaning in it.


Without the people where will you be? Without the people, will you be standing up there? So don't forsake them. We were the reason you're up there in the first place.

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As President Bush in Harold and Kumar once said, "You don't have to believe in your goverment to be a good citizen, you just have to believe in your country!".

Till the next 'People' post, God bless Malaysia...


Anonymous said...

indonesians coming to 'ganyang' malaysians on 8th.. which is tomorrow.

OUR DPM said "dont worry about the rumour attacks... its THEIR internal problem"

since when?

Kennee said...

well... let's just wait and see what happens...

Yann said...

god bless malaysia!! *sigh*

Kennee said...

@Yann: LOL! Sigh indeed... hopefully... things will be better