Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jennifer's Body Movie Review

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So i manage to catch the premiere of Jennifer's Body at Cineleisure last night, thanks to Jim. So how's the movie? I seriously dunno how to categorized it...really... It's kinda like scary plus horror but at the meantime it's kinda abit funny.



It's really confusing! Not in story line wise la... but as the in the direction of the movie. *You see i'm already confused till my vocabs are messed up*

Well talking about storyline, normal only la. Funny thing that there was so much hype on Megan Fox (Aoooowwwwwuuu~~~) Almost no focus and mentioning about Amanda Seyfried (the chic from Mama-mia) She's the friggin' lead actress wei... = =!

Anyhow the movie is a still must go check out-ish flick la... Why!?? Coz of Megan Fox!?? My answer??? HELL YES!!!

But gotta say this la... At some scene, Megan Fox really look scary... Really OMG scary... And not to forget the nice underpants she was wearing in the lesbo scene... OMG!!? Did i say LESBO-SCENE!!!??? Sorry for the spoiler... XD Didn't mean it... ;P

So overall, i won't give it a decent rating la... But it's one those must see movie but not because it's any great but it's just have to watch la... Coz it's MEGAN FOXXIEE baayybeehh~~~ XD

LOOK AT THAT!!! And that's a friggin' scene from the movie wei!!! She's nekkid!!! Moar reason for you to go watch now... XD

Jennifer's Body Ratings:
Storyline: 5.5/10
Uh-Wah Factor: 5.5/10 All points solely went to Megan Fox XD
Overall: 6.0/10


kenwooi said...

megan fox??? haha..

Stephen said...

Good reasons to watch the movie is because of Megan Fox? tsk tsk!

Wo Shi Nicole aka MsXeRoZ said...

means, not nice to see..

cathenclox said...

hehe everybody talking bout me,huh?..hahahahahaha

Jard The Great said...

Oh My GOD!!!

seksi siot megan kat sini.. wakakaka..

nways.. nice entri on the muvi.. ;p

conan_cat said...

walao eh, she's hot naked!! :O

imma go watch xD

Fallen Angel said...

Yea couldn't agree more with Nicole.. Even with Megan Fox in it, still time wasting movie.. Do check out my review too

Syafiq said...

This movie looks cool. Saw the trailer and looks awesome. Wanna watch it soon. (:

SuRayA^i. said...

i'm going to watch it tomorrow yuhuu~

i'v clicked ad too =)


look at wht ? haha look at megan fox's body :DD haha