Monday, August 24, 2009

Up Movie Review

Well, i hope it doesn't come out too late to write a review on this. But i did catch this movie on Friday with Azeem, Jen Seng and Mohan.

Went to makan dinner at the famous porridge shop beside the famous beef noodle shop in Jalan Changkat Tong Shin with Mohan and the off to Pavilion to watch Up.

Gotta say the movie is a real touching and inspiring movie plus the cute comedic scenes. Overall the movie is indeed one of the most heart-felt animation from Disney's Pixar.

I gotta say since Mulan, I can't remember when was the last Disney's movie that had an Asian as leading role/main supporting role. I have to say i love that chubby boyscout Russel.

Not to forget the grumpy old man, Mr. Carl Fredricksen.

But the real charmer was indeed the Golden Retriever, Dug... POINT!!! *stare*

Up was indeed a good movie to recommend to those who haven't watch it. Gotta admit i almost cried *or maybe did* at certain scene. XD

Thumbs up for Up!!! SQUIRREL!!!! .........

Up Ratings:
Storyline: 9.0/10
Ha-Ha Factor: 8.0/10
Overall: 8.5/10

*Uh-Wah has been replaced with Ha-Ha since this is a comedy*


Ej said...

do u only watch awesome movies or only review awesome movies? all the movies u've reviewed so far have high points. Wish i could visit the theatres as often as u do :(

Kennee said...

Gotta say... i have been lucky to watch all good movies lately... Almost all of the movies i watched for the past 2 months are really good...

Do come join me for movies when u come back... :p

Ej said...

aww i cried within the first 10mins alrdy! lol

Kennee said...

Aww... saya pon sama... but need to control macho~~~ XD

Chia Wei said...

hey there! city boy

i agreed what u have just said, i went all teary when watch this movie...

Kennee said...

Lulz... Most ppl also teary la... XD