Monday, August 31, 2009

A Not So Merdeka Post

Happy 52nd Birthday to Marahsia... Ok fine... Malaysia... Well we all know that today is the "tanggal tiga puloh satuuuu~~~" day. Merdeka, Independance, Democracy, a country finally, be what you all may want to call it but never in my life i have felt such sarcasm and a common feeling of "what the fuck is this bullshit" being felt among fellow Malaysian.

For 52 friggin' years of independance and what i can see in country where i reside in since i was born, it has gone from better to worst. Who are to be blame? We as citizens? Or the very people who govern the country? You decide.

Let me ask you all a question, when was the last time you actually hangout with a bunch of friends which comprised of different religion and race?

I still remember during my college days whereby all the friends where we all hang out was of all different race and religion and at times we often amazed that we didn't realized the fact that we were all so different but we were good friends.

Now that my college days were over, i kinda missed those moments where a bunch of very diversified cultures and people can just be together, chill together, and enjoy each other company.

Nowadays, whenever i go out, i see racial segregation. Chinese will hangout with a their own kind, Indians with their own kind, Malay with their own kind. What's wrong with us? Why the racist intend? Why seclude ourselve to only our same race?

What's wrong with us?

Just the past few days i see two news that makes me feel ashamed of being called Malaysian. Firstly was the unnecessary call for protest by the youth wing of the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) which lead to the cancellation of Michael Learns to Rock concert in out country on the basis that this month was the month of Ramadhan and the Danish pop band will have a bad influence on the nation. "This concert will certainly bring idle people out and destroy their morals," PAS Youth chief, Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi quoted.


MLTR cancellation Source

After reading that, I seriously didn't know whether i should laugh or to cry? Who are to be blame now? Who are the childish ones now? Who are the idiots now? I'm not an avid fan of MLTR for i can seriously vouched for them that their cheesy love songs can only destroy me by overloading high cholestrol to my music ears.

Then soon after that the whole fiasco of temple shifting protest in Shah Alam with the parade of a cow's head. This was abit too much. In fact i felt anger when i read about the news.



Cow head protest Source

What a week of events to summarized the usher of Malaysia Independace Day. As you notice, i don't take side, i don't point fingers to anybody or party. I just laid out the events that occured and ask the common question... Who is it to be blame???

For one thing i can positively assure is that we, ourselve have to stand up and voice out our opinions, be it whether our ideas do not be the same. But we won't be doing any good if we were to just stay silent and letting the cards fall.

So as i sit at home comtemplating whether to cook or not for my friend's pot luck dinner due that there's Muslim housemates. And i am scared of disappointment that they might not even want to eat the dish that i made although there's no pork in it. So i am comtemplating whether to just buy some food from a halal place and scrap of my intention on actually spending time cooking myself a dish.

Last but not least i wanna say "Happy 52nd Independance Day to Malaysia"


kenwooi said...

malaysia.. complicated huh? =P
happy belated merdeka!

Kennee said...

thx bro... malaysia aint complicated... but the monkeys running it makes it complicated... XD