Saturday, August 1, 2009

BBQ at Port Dickson: Epilogue

Currently still in KL in Cheras... in my friggin room... typing this post... yes i know... it's lame and pathetic... but i ain't got much choice and ain't much thing to do other than waiting for Yvonne to get her ass here to Cheras.

And the best part is today, there's a protest rally going on in KL town which is creating crazy huge amount of jams due to roadblocks being set up by da police. Soooooooo... apparently, she's goin' to be late. Damn...

Hopefully we can get our ass moving out of here by 4pm plus...and get to Seremban ASAP or else Azeem gonna start bitching... XD

And then~~~ HOPEFULLY, we will get to find nana's place in PD and get everything set up.

Well, it's tough being the main characters aka superstars of this whole BBQ at PD thing...


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