Saturday, November 7, 2009


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For some who might know, i just started my work this week. And that explain alot on why i have been MIA for one whole week. I remembered that this month was CELgames competition and their prelims were around this few weeks.

So i went to their website yesterday and realized that their prelims was today at 10.30am. So i quickly registered myself and i'm getting ready right now to move my ass to Subang.

Not to mentioned this whole week was like... back from work and stuck in jam... den sleep...den wake up... den stuck in jam and back to work and the cycle continues...

So yes! i didn't train at all... and hopefully... some kinda miracle happen la... XD But not to worry, i'll be bringin mah camera so if i get knock out early... i'll be snapping away photos and soon update it here when i got time la... XD

Oh ya... The message and meaning of this post is that... i am a SLOWPOKE... XD

ps. All American Rejects pics will be uploaded as soon as i get back home later... *fingers crossed* and wish me luck... XD

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kenwooi said...

enjoy working =)

` Yi Han || said...

Hello, nice blog!
clicked your ads too! :)

† ИICHOLAS † said...

no wonder you din update for so long... cz u'r workin d xD well, hope you enjoy ur work bro :)

and AAR! ROCK!

wildchild said...

hope everything is fine with you dude.. enjoy and don't be stress out. :-)