Friday, November 19, 2010

An SMS from mum at 2.00am

Went out just now to meet Darren and Aliff to play some DOTA. 12am decided to call it a nite and wanted to have a drink before going back. Darren was on his bike and told him to follow us, while myself and Aliff was walking to my car. Then after that we saw Darren speed off on the opposite direction from where we are walking towards my car. WTF... SUMBAT!

I was telling Aliff, where the fuck Darren is goin, but anyhow told Darren goin to Pelita. So we drove and saw Pelita was closed and went and park infront some shops. Got a sms from Darren saying he's near McD and don't know where we are and where we parked. Tried calling him then heard him saying 'I'm in McD...' then line got cut and can't call him anymore, all went to voicemail and Aliff told me, Darren's phone was out of battery. FUCK MAN!

So decided to look for him at McD, hoping that Darren would still be there waiting. So myself and Aliff was waiting at the corner of McD and then I saw this motorcyclist with a white KHI helmet whoozing by... It was Darren! I shouted at the joker as he just whizzed pass by us and went to the mainroad. Then i was like walking and then running towards him hoping that I was able call the joker and that he would have heard me...

I saw him putting on his jacket and while i was running and shouting for him, he shoots off... What the fuck!!??? That Darren, really 'SUMBAT case'.

Decided to go back la. Myself and Aliff was like... FUCK wei... Funny shit, that jackass Darren can't hear nuts at all. Maybe coz he was wearing the bike helmet so can't hear nuts.

So anyway after fetching back Aliff, i went back home too. Got an sms from mum askin whether working tomorrow and i replied, on the way back. Bought 100 plus and some pasta from KK mart coz feeling hungry and wanted to cook myself supper and since i still got leftovers of mah beef chili from yesterday's pot luck. So came home at 12.50am and then went to kitchen and cook.

So makan, watch tv downstairs at home, then came up mah room online/facebooking. Around 2am i got a sms. SMS from mum??? WTF!!? I read the message and it says..."On the way? Until now also not yet reached." *speehless*

I'm in my room replied "I came back home long time ago already..."

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