Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Everybody

Public holiday on a Wednesday, and me having a holiday, a break from work. Nice! Coz the previous shitty job i was in does not have holidays, it's just work work work and everything was just based on schedule and that's it. Bottom line, 5 days a week and random off days for 2 days.

So getting a feel on public holidays since i changed my job was a good change. But guess what? I got a text in the morning from my boss informing that our office system was down and only will be up at 10.30am, and he told to help inform those colleagues of mine to pass that message.

OMG! Seriously... I guess he expect me to a one of the kiasu ones to come back to work on a public holiday just to catch up on the race of performance.

Alrite, i guess i spilled some of the beans. I would be one of the 'kiasu ones' to come back to work if hadn't been my colleague to have out run the race by having ridiculous scorecards/KPI's being pushed up as a benchmark.

Enuff of the work crappin' and yappin'

It's a holiday and heck yeah... Enjoy it will you still can.

Oh damn, Azeem text me to come down to Seremban and shortly Chee Seong text me whether going down coz he wanna hitch a ride with me.

Sad to say... I've already got plans... XD

Hmm... i wonder izzit a coincidence that CS text me... LOL!

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