Sunday, December 2, 2012

Being sick sucks... :0(

I was down with a really bad coughs and flu this whole week. It started last Sunday nite as i was goin to bed and i couldn't sleep and then i realized that i was shivering in cold sweat and was coughing like a 90 year old man. That's when i knew i got the unholy trio of flu, coughs and fever... T_T

To add the suffering was that on Monday is that when i woke up, i couldn't even moved a muscle. My body was aching so bad that i had trouble even sitting up. To add more salt to the wound, i kinda annoyed my dear friend and she was abit pissed at me and i got a nice scolding with sharp heart wounding words. But i was too sick to even entertain it.

Went to the doctor and he told me i was down with a viral fever. The cough and flu lasted whole week and only got better on Friday. And on top of that i had to travel outstation to another state on the same day and only got back home to KL at 9.30pm.

Good thing my weekend was abit all right. We had a small gathering at my friend's place in Seremban as i promised to cook for them. Brought my wok, kitchen tools, ingredients and every mother load to Seremban and cook there. In case you were wondering what i cooked? It was Spaghetti Carbonara and Lamb Meatballs on the side...

Seriously... Throughout this whole week i had zero appetite... And i think i kinda ate like crazy today... o.0! Another friend brought salads and brownies while another one brought ice-creams. I think i will be on a fasting mode starting from now.

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